From the recreational level to the Olympic podium, aquatics has been our family tradition for generations. Whether we were swimming, diving, playing water polo or riding waves, we were all in the water from a young age. Even to this day if we’re not working out at the closest pool, we're outside somewhere on the open water. 

Through the years we couldn't help but notice how many clothing brands were available to other sports and lifestyles, while there was relatively nothing designed specifically for what we did in the pool every day. After a little research, we figured we would fill that gap. So we sourced some local vendors, artists, and designers, and worked hard to to present the Depth brand to you. 

While we love our liquid lifestyle, we hope our company will represent even more of what Depth means to us. Not just the water lifestyle and thrill of competition, but striving for deeper meaning in every pursuit. Go out there and Make Waves!